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Keeping Tropheus with Mbuna

Postby mmd » Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:08 pm

Thank you for reading my post. (I will be posting on a Tropheus and Malawi website to get perspective from both. I have several years experience with mbuna, and about 9 months with tropheus (duboisi).
I have not kept Africans for several years as I was limited to one tank and it contained Discus.
My current situation;
75 gallon tank; 4.8 psuedotropheus salousi; 1 psuedotropheus socolofi; 2.1 Kyoga flamebacks (Victorian haps), ther haps are adult size 3-4 inches long, the salousi are about 2 inches.
125 gallon tank; 16 Tropheus Ilangi; 4 Tropheus Pemba; 3 Metraclimia Estherae; 2 Lithobates; 2 Melanochromis Maingano. The Trophs are all about 2 inches.
I feed NLS, spirulina flake and flake.
My past handling I would always consider adult size when stocking my tanks, only to, in most cases move onto another species and sell them before adult size was an issue. Now I get what I like, once they get to adult size I will decide what groups must then go.
Here is my Dilema; I may have to combine both tanks to the 125 gallon, I know at this time all would most likely coexist, but going forward (next 4-12 months) would I run into issues ?.
My favorite species and ones I would really like to keep would be the Saulosi, they are permanent, followed by the tropheus (both the illangi and Pemba)and maingano. I would look to add a few more maingano and pemba to keep the conspecific aggression down.
125 gallon AGA, 3.6 Placidochromis Phenocolus Tanzania, 1.0 Protomelas Tanzania, 1.0 Phenocolus electra, peacocks and 2.2 Cyno Afra Jalo reef & a clown loach
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Re: Keeping Tropheus with Mbuna

Postby KingPiccolo SB » Tue Sep 17, 2013 11:38 pm

I don't have much experience with Mbuna but I have had very good luck with mixing Tropheus with other Africans, I have kept Tropheus Moorii "Bemba" and "Kanchese" with Venustus, H. Moorii, Many Peacocks, D. Compressiceps, Lelupi, Brichardi, Cylindricus, Lithobates, even two Paratilapia Polleni and a Green Terror, my only Mbuna I've mixed was a Iodotropheus sprengerae. Although I've only had a single Bemba and a single Kanchese all these fish have lived together at one point or another and i've never had any problems involving the Tropheus.
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KingPiccolo SB
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Re: Keeping Tropheus with Mbuna

Postby noki » Tue Sep 17, 2013 11:59 pm

The Tropheus may survive, but may not thrive. I think the Tropheus would do better, and you would enjoy them better if you kept it simple. Maybe at least keep only one Tropheus group. Maybe just the Saulosi mbuna group for Mbuna. Trying to do too much often ends up in mediocrity at best.
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Re: Keeping Tropheus with Mbuna

Postby eeztropheus » Wed Sep 18, 2013 10:41 pm

I've done it. The tropheus were well established before I started adding the groups of mbuna (white top hara, msobo, zebra chilumba luwino reef). Once the mbuna hit sexual maturity they took over. I didn't lose any tropheus but they stopped breeding and were pushed out of their territories. The trophs being my favorite, I felt bad for them, so I set up a new tank for the mbuna. As soon as the mbuna were gone the trophs began breeding again and seeme much happier. I personally would not do it again.
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