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Lava rock safe?

Postby musicman980 » Tue May 08, 2012 12:07 pm

Is this type of lava rock safe? ... k/19581246
It says its used as a radiant, but I don't know what that means or if its a normal lava rock but treated with something... idk.
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Re: Lava rock safe?

Postby Anthraxx8500 » Tue May 08, 2012 4:01 pm

lava rock is actually pretty rough on fish. have you considered a trip to a land scape supply store in your area? i prefer to have a variety of rocks to choose from :). just my opinion but i wouldnt use it. GL to ya :)
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Re: Lava rock safe?

Postby Mr.Dempsey » Tue May 08, 2012 10:05 pm

The only thing that lava rock is good for is in a shrimp tank. It grows a biofilm on it that shrimp cant get enough of it.
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Re: Lava rock safe?

Postby zquattrucci » Fri May 11, 2012 7:14 pm

find them in your local area aka out side lol our world is covered in rock have also went to my local counter top place and got lots of scrap marble its flat and stacks great
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Re: Lava rock safe?

Postby B.Roberson » Sat Jun 02, 2012 6:53 pm

I have mixed lava rock and slate in my tank.. ... ata_player
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