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question about dual heater sizes

Postby kraylon » Mon Jul 07, 2008 1:57 am

i am working on seting up my 120 gallon malwai tank and i like to use to heater instead of one, As a fail safe and im kind of confused on what to do.

i like the marineland stealth heaters but is it better to have 2 250 watt heaters (good for 75 gallons each) or is it better to do 1 200 watt heater (good for 55 gallons) and 1 250 watt heater???
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Postby Toby_H » Mon Jul 07, 2008 2:22 am

I also prefer the stealth heaters… good choice :thumb:

I have one 250W heater in my 120 and the temp stays very constant… the room temp is 10~15 degrees colder than the tank temp…

I have one 250W heater on my 125 and the temp stays very constant… the room temp is 10~15 degrees colder than the tank temp…

The most common concept of using two heaters is to use two heaters each of which is half of what the tank needs with both heaters set at the same temperature…

It is difficult to get both heaters at the exact same temp and one usually does the bulk of the work… This also puts two units in the tank that could malfunction and over heat the tank, but since they are smaller heaters their destructive potential is lower…

When I was making the same decision… I went with one 250W heater…

If you do go with 2 heaters I would suggest two 100W heaters… two 150W at the most… your heaters will be much more likely to maintain a balance if they are the same Wattage…

…At least that’s what I think on the subject… :D
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