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My new remade 125G tank

Postby JebusCHI » Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:44 am

Well after my Oscar died at the end of the year, I decided to actually have a group of fish in the tank instead of one gigantic monster. It's now two months later and I think I did pretty well. I will value any input on how my new ones will get along together and any suggestions on decor or a more natural environment.

Heres what I've stocked:

3" Lemon Oscar
2.5" Pearl Cichlid / Brasiliensis
2.5" Balzani Cichlid / Paraguay Eartheater
2" Threadfin Acara
2" Nicaragua Cichlid
about a dozen - False Bandit Corys / Melini Corydoras
2 - 2" Pictus Catfish
3" Bristlenose Pleco

There is very few known about some of these species so any knowledge you guy have would be very helpful.

I currently have a 125 G tank and here are some pictures that I have so far. ... 961&type=3

Thanks for all your help and happy fishing :)

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Postby mlancaster » Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:04 pm

Hi JebusCHI,

The picture link did not work for me; however, i do not have facebook.

But, your tank is stoked with some awesome southamerican cichlids. I do not have experince with any of them,; as such, i am devoid of advice. I do have a Bahia red, which i belive is closely related to the Brasiliensis. He has grown to about 10" and is robust. He is faily agressive and tormented a EBJD and fights with a H. Carpentine. I do have cories in the tank with him and they seem to do ok.

Let me know how all your fish interact in the long run. I am especially interested in how the eartheaters, pictus and pleco treat the cories.

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