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Gold Saum / White Saum breeding

Postby lgw » Sun Jun 17, 2012 5:46 am

Hey guys, just had a few questions. I picked up 3 white and 3 gold saums all around the 2 inch mark. I'm looking to form a pair in the future, my questions are: Can a gold and white pair up? If so, will the fry be split? (whites and golds). Is it more likely for a gold to pair with a gold and same with the white? Would it be better to keep 2 females and 1 male?

I've bred gold saums in the past with just 1m 1fm, and from what i remember it was around the 4inch mark that they started to pair/breed, does that sound about right? I have them in a 48x20x20 which i plan to keep them in, the reason i ask about the 2f to 1m ratio is that when i had bred the golds, the male seemed to beat on the female after breeding. I was just unsure whether the other female would be used as a dither or beat up so bad that it's fatal. Thanks in advance.

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