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new to cichlid

Postby hiraya » Sun Aug 19, 2012 2:11 pm

hi all, im new here even if i read this forum since some months..
now i decided to register since i will move my shrimps to a little tank and i got the old 120lt one empty and i wanted put some small cichlid on it
i got already a tetra ex700 external filter and a osmose system, the size of the tank is 80*35*45h with 2x18w neon light and 1x14led stripe light
an italian guy told me i could put one couple of mikrogeophagus altispinosus wich i find adorable and 7/8 nannostomus wich i dont like that much, there is any other fish suitable as tank mates for the mikrogeophagus altispinosus? beside the corydoras and otocinclus wich i dont like both

now i have some questions for the tank setup
i read arround sites i have to use alot of plants since fish dosnt like strong light, at moment i got at home
-ceratopteris pteridoides
-riccia fluitans
and a italian guy told me i could also buy those plants for my light power
-vallisneria spiralis
-cryptocoryne balansae
-Egeria densa
-echinodorus magdalenensis

and i saw those plants on a shop but im not sure if i can keep them with my light power(i got some liquid fertilizer and iron pills for the gravel,i could add other 14w of led light but i dont want use co2)
-Alternanthera Reineckii
-Echinodorous Parviflorous
-Echinodorous Martii
-Echinodorus bleheri
-Echinodorous Parviflorous
-Hygrophila corymbosa
-Hygrophila Difformis
-Micranthemum micranthemoides
-Rotala Wallichii
-Vallisneria Rubra

wich would be a good mix of plants for a tank with those fishes?

at moment the tank is like this:
of course i have to change the black gravel with sand and put off everything beside the wood on the middle and also catch the shrimps left on it
now since both sides will look empty i wanted to make like a wall with holes for cave in the right side to hide the tube of the filter and the heater with this sistem ... d_cave.php
any idea for the other side?
and for the blackground a black stiker could work? or i could find something better?
sand is enough as floor?wich colour?or i should use plant soil too?

if someone got any pics of a tank with a set up i could do would be super :D

sorry for all those question but i dont want make any mistake if is possible and thanks to all :thumb:
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Location: Italy

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