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Postby a_c_arnold » Sun Mar 30, 2008 6:45 pm

ME_and_Greenterror, a liner is simply a large piece of rubber. You can dig a hole any shape you want and then line the hole with sand and pond underlayment. The underlayment could be carpet or pet stores offer matting specifically made for that purpose. As for the pond liner, make sure its EDPM material, the pvc liners don't age well so stay away from those. I have installed a bottom drain in my pond which connects through pvc pipe to a filter. The pump then pumps from the filter to a small holding pool above the water fall which overflows back into the pond. After the pond liner is down you simply line the edge of the pond with rock work. Some people even line the bottom of the pond with rocks, it helps the looks but makes cleaning more difficult. Be sure to include a UV light for your pond, the UV light will cut down on the green water. Look up koi ponds on the internet, their are hundreds of links that give detail on how to do this. It is really simple to build one of these but does require some labor. I chose to rent a backhoe for digging my pond rather than a shovel. A skimmer is also a must for a pond.
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Postby a_c_arnold » Sun Mar 30, 2008 6:59 pm

Dig Hole

Install piping for bottom drain which runs to filter. I added a concrete block collar around the edge of the hole to provide a flat solid surface in which to lay my stones.

Add the underlayment, liner and do a test fill. Then start adding stones around the top. Some choose to cement them in place, but I chose not.

Add gravel, plants or whatever you want to blend it into your landscape.
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Postby Cluster » Wed May 07, 2008 4:28 pm

excellent read!

im thinking about doing a pond myself soon but what makes me think is rain, do you guys put something over the pond when it rains or do the filters take care of this good enough?

i live in SC right by the beach so weather isnt a issue but im only planning a pond for the summer times as sometimes it does get quite cold in the winter compared to FL
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