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Electric Blue Ram female

Postby Dark Storm » Wed Nov 23, 2016 8:12 pm

A month ago I acquired 2 female Blue Rams, one was very poor, and had ich, so treated with Esha Exit, then 2000 and for fluke, gdex. I've noticed both breath quite quick, the one that has recovered from her health issues more so, but when she came she had a swollen gill on one side, which is now healing nicely. Behaviour is normal for a Ram, into everything, eating is a favourite pastime with these two, and exploring comes a close second. I know the pattern when it comes to breathing issues as seen it in Blue Rams in the passed, neither display the lack of oxygen or hang out near the surface, they don't hide away either, all I can say is one bullies the other (the recovered one at the receiving end)..
Should I treat again with the Gdex or leave her to recover fully? It's been 8 days since treatment ended, and she's coloured up nicely, i find myself reluctant to put her through more treatments when she's doing so well, but I can't help but think if any parasites survived the original treatment they might try to latch on again? All her tank mates are fine , Bolivian Ram pair, two Nanacara Anamola females, Glass Catfish, White tip tetra, and two Gourami
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Re: Electric Blue Ram female

Postby mambee » Mon Nov 28, 2016 6:12 pm

I would raise the temperature a bit and observe. Glass Catfish don't handle medication that well, so I wouldn't push your luck.
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