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Re: Is a 75 Gallon tank big enough to house the following fi

Postby dsouthworth » Sun May 27, 2012 10:43 pm

marcaddison wrote:I've reduced the stock to the following occupants in the 95 gallon tank;

1 x South American Black Acara (female)
1 x Convict Cichlid (female)
1 x Firemouth Cichlid (female)
1 x Green Terror (female)
1 x Oscar
1 x Plec

What do people think now about my tank being mostly haromnious long term? Feel free to be brutally honest, I want this tank to work long term and I'm still a novice.


I'm on the same boat as the others. Think about getting rid of the GT or Oscar. personally I would loose the oscar since they are VERY dirty fish. however they always do have a "puppy dog" personality. It's your choice.
Also think about adding a pleco once the tank has been stocked and settled down for a few months. they just make for extra poop!
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Re: Is a 75 Gallon tank big enough to house the following fi

Postby CinBos » Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:07 am

I agree with most on this thread, but this thread also has me thinkin about my own setup. I would choose the GT over the oscar, personally. More striking in appearance and doesnt get quite as big as an oscar. The pleco, i would do away with. With the setup your thinking about, you need dither fish, just as I have, Giant Danios. Also, in place of the pleco, get some bottom dwellars like Emerald Catfish ( i have them as well), or pictus catfish. One, the cats i mention will be more active, two, they dont get nearly as big, and 3, they will not put as much strain on your bioload. In my setup, I have a GT, JD, Firemouth, 2 Convicts (Male and Female), parrot, Green Severum, 4 emerald catfish, and 11 giant danios. Water changes are inevitable, I do 1 large one of 50% on sundays or mondays, and during the week I will do a smaller water change of 20% (to get poop out).

Also if and when the convicts pair, i generally use those as live feeders. The emerald cats do a great job of cleaning the floor of leftover food.

Hope this info helps with you plans.
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Re: Is a 75 Gallon tank big enough to house the following fi

Postby dright21 » Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:37 am

I would do Firemouth, Convict, GT, and personally would go for an all Male Tank or an All Female Tank. If you would like to see the Cons pair up or something then keep those two in a 30 Gallon and you can feed their babies to the fish in the Larger tank. It's all about what you want to do, and if the fish can thrive and live comfortably.
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