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Paratilapia questions (temp, tankmates)

Postby Stoic_Southpaw » Mon Aug 15, 2016 4:34 pm

So I have what should be a pair of Paratilapia bleekeri (according to Jeff Rapps, I imagine it's probably polleni) in my 125g, that are about 4" long, with a group of fully grown X. "Kyoga flameback" which has 1 male and 4 females (male is 4.5", females are 3-3.5"). I'm looking for some schooling fish to put in the tank, but I'm having a hard time finding a fish that is affordable, can tolerate the 8.0pH, 20dGH, 20dKH, and 80+ degree temperatures of the tank. Before I get into any other questions, does anyone have any recommendations? The tank is filtered by two sunsun 304Bs, so filtration capacity shouldn't be an issue.

Temperature seems to be a limiting factor for me finding tankmates (I don't want to mix RO water to change pH or hardness). I've read that Paratilapia are very susceptible to ich at temperatures under 80 degrees, and don't usually recover from getting ich. Is there any truth to this? The Paratilapia are the only reason I'm keeping the water temp so high, and lowering the temp would allow me to keep some species that would potentially work well as dithers (like larger barbs).

Any advice is appreciated, and I can provide more information if necessary!
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