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Re: Nyererei Red Tops

Postby mbargas » Fri Oct 14, 2016 11:18 am

The Dude315 wrote:My Nyererei don't have the barring, but their colors change all the time. I had 4 males from the same batch. 1 went in my 75 with two females and 3 males went temporarily into my 150. The fish in the 75 looked vastly different than the ones in the 150. The 3 in the 150 took on a very deep dark red almost purple color where as the 1 in the 75 was bright bright red. The colors of the one remaining male in the 150 after I rehomed the others changed again when the two others were moved. It's color lightened, but is still no where near as vibrant as the 1 in the 75 with 2 females. Is the barring what is giving it away as a hybrid? It certainly can't he the color without knowing what it's status in the tank and what the other inhabitants consist of...

I have nyerereis from more than one source, and their colors do seem variable. Some are orange and others more of a true red coloration. I personally don't know how much of that is genetics, nutrition, or water quality.
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