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Trophues types

Postby andrewe1985 » Sun Apr 16, 2017 3:28 am

Hi are tropheus moorii morillo diffent to firecrackers
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Re: Trophues types

Postby nodima » Mon Apr 17, 2017 6:48 am

Different how?

Not sure exactly what you are asking, but it is often tough to discern different types when generic names like firecracker is used. Better to try to find the collection point.
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Re: Trophues types

Postby andrewe1985 » Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:09 am

the firecrackers are tropheus moorii moliro.
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Re: Trophues types

Postby Fogelhund » Tue Apr 18, 2017 10:55 am

I've seen Kasanga, Moliro, and one other Red Rainbow "type" whose location skips my mind at the moment be called Firecracker.
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