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Skiddish Fronts

Postby plug » Fri Jan 06, 2017 10:53 pm

In my 125 Gallon 6 foot Tang tank I have 8 Burundi Fronts plus 4 White Calvus and 4 Yellow Comps
I don't know why the fish in this tank get spooked so easily
When I approach the tank they all come close as they anticipate food, but when I drop in the food, they all get spooked and they swim off at high speeds crashing into everything. I am worried they will hurt themselves as I can hear them crashing into rocks, filter intakes/out takes, heaters, etc

How can I get these guys to not be so skiddish

I was thinking of getting new lights and having it lower..

Looking for ideas
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Re: Skiddish Fronts

Postby RayMontana » Sat Jan 07, 2017 1:30 am

Not sure but the only time I see all the fish in the tank do that is when there is a lid slammed or some little kid slaps the tank. I always tell them imagine me putting a metal trash can over you and whacking it with a hammer...
I doubt you are making loud noises, maybe the lighting is too bright .Outside the tank not so much inside.
I have one or two fish that do that sometimes, but not the whole tank.
Maybe its your shadow over the tank, and one fish thinks its a predator ..Then it freaks out, and monkey see monkey do and they all take off. That might be more likely

sorry I cant be of more help..
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