Xenotilapia boulengeri from Lake Tanganyika

Xenotilapia boulengeri

Xenotilapia boulengeri, Photo by Ad Konings

Xenotilapia boulengeri is a bi-parental mouthbrooder found throughout Lake Tanganyika. Their habitat is over the sandy bottom close to rocks. Adult pairs group with other X. boulengeri sifting through sand looking for small crustaceans. Males build nests for spawning and the pair will share mouthbrooding duties, lasting around a month.

In the aquarium Xenotilapia boulengeri should be provided with both sand and rocks. The sand will allow for spawning and to show their natural sifting behavior as pictured above. Rocks should be available to allow X. boulengeri to hide. These fish are sensitive to stress and don’t do well with overly active or aggressive species. Individual X. boulengeri aggression can vary from none to heavy. Food and water quality is a must for this species. To discuss X. boulengeri visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.


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