Water change DIY alarm video

water change

Screen capture from video

I’ve done it myself on many occasions. You’re filling the tank after a water change. You know the water is running, but you tell yourself there is plenty of time to take care of something else. All of a sudden you start wondering what is making the splashing sound. Sound familiar? Yep, you’ve just overfilled your tank and water is everywhere.

The video below shows a great DIY project for using a smoke alarm to alert you when your tank is almost full. The only component from the fire alarm you are using is the test button. By using a couple wires and the water from your tank, you can complete a circuit and the alarm will sound. You could probably make the same type of alarm with a battery, wire and a buzzer, but it wouldn’t be enclosed in a fire alarm case. Watch the video to see how easy it is to set up. Make sure you run multiple tests on your DIY water change alarm before you put all your trust in it.

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