Unknown Thoracochromis from West Africa

Unknown Thoracochromis

Unknown Thoracochromis species. Photo by Greg Steeves

Arriving in a shipment of wild fish from West Africa over 10 years ago, this unknown Thoracochromis species has flourished in a hobbyist’s tanks. Despite help from Dr. Loiselle and Anton Lamboj, this species could not be identified by name or location. During those years these fish have bred and have found their way into more hobbyist’s hands.

This species’ males have a yellow/golden body with a bright powder blue on the face and fins. Females are drab with a hint of yellow on their bodies. Until more hobbyists keep this species or the origin is identified and described, not much more is known about them. In the interim, the original keeper of this species have them the name Thoracochromis sp. “flavententis” for their color. If you have an inkling of what this species might be or would like to discuss this unknown Thoracochromis visit the West African species forum.

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