Uaru amphiacanthoides with fry video

A short video by Thomas Jetter showing a pair of Uaru amphiacanthoides guarding their fry.

Native to Brazil and Guyana, Uaru amphiacanthoides makes its home in both brackish and freshwater rivers and streams. In the wild U. amphiacanthoides feeds on both plant matter and crustaceans, but does very well on a mostly herbivore diet in aquariums. Often called by its common name; the triangle cichlid is relatively rare in the hobby, but can be found by determined hobbyists. This species is rather peaceful and do well in groups of other U. amphiacanthoides and many other fish. Adults can get upwards of 10 or more inches in length. Like Discus, newly hatched fry will feed off of the slime coat of the parents.

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Uaru amphiacanthoides

Uaru amphiacanthoides with fry. Screen capture from video.

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