Tropheus moorii “Murago Tanzania” video

A new video from African Diving Ltd in their Lake Tanganyika Cichlids in the Wild series. This video focuses mostly on the Tropheus moorii “Murago Tanzania” variant.

This stunning in the wild video not only talks about Tropheus in general, but also tells a story of a particular variant of Tropheus moorii. T. moorii “Murago” is a variant with unusual bright spots on its head. Its collection location was a closely guarded secret. Then one day a similar looking variant was found on the opposite side of the lake and named Tropheus moorii “Murago Tanzania”. Whether you are a fan of Tropheus or not, this video has some great footage and is a must-see for all cichlid fans. To find out more about Tropheus, visit the Tropheus Corner in the Library.

Tropheus moorii

Tropheus moorii “Murago Tanzania”. Screen capture from African Diving Ltd video.

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