Tropheus moorii Isanga OB

Tropheus moorii Isanga

Tropheus moorii Isanga OB. Photo by Ad Konings

Tropheus moorii Isanga is one of the few species of Tropheus from Lake Tanganyika that comes in the orange blotch color pattern. This out of the ordinary OB Tropheus is sought after by enthusiasts, but its availability is limited and often expensive. Like other Tropheus, T. moorii Isanga males and females look alike, with males being generally a little larger. They are best kept in large tanks at least 4 feet long. Because of their aggressive nature, keeping them in groups of at least 12 and providing some rock cover is a must. Diets high in vegetable/plant content will keep them healthy. Choosing tank makes for Tropheus can be difficult due to their dietary requirements and their high energy and aggression. Most of the time, it is best to keep them in species only tanks.

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