Tropheus moorii feeding video

A Tropheus moorii Kasanga feeding video by RonnyM88 to kick off Thanksgiving.

One of the most popular variants of Tropheus is the Red Rainbow. However, the name Red Rainbow is used for several T. moorii location variants including Kasanga (in video above) and Kambwimba (pictured below). T. moorii Kambwimba also produces orange-blotched (OB) specimens which are very attractive.

Tropheus are very active cichlids that are prone to becoming stressed and sick if dietary and tank requirements are not properly addressed. Tropheus can also be very aggressive toward each other. For those reasons they are often not recommended for beginning hobbyists. Despite their “difficult” reputation, once a hobbyist is committed to properly keeping Tropheus they are a pleasure to have and not too difficult to maintain. To learn more about keeping Tropheus moorii and other Tropheus species visit the Tropheus Corner library section. Discussion can also be done in the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.

Tropheus moorii

Tropheus moorii Kambwimba. Photo by Ad Konings

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