Tropheus moorii Chaitika from Lake Tanganyika

Tropheus moorii

Tropheus moorii Chaitika, aka Blue Rainbow. Photo by Ad Konings

The Tropheus genus from Lake Tanganyika is made up of only a handful of different species. However, those species are further defined by dozens of different variants. Pictured above is the Tropheus moorii Chaitika, commonly known as the Blue Rainbow. There are several variants commonly referred to as Red Rainbow, but only one Blue Rainbow.

Tropheus have a reputation of being best kept by advanced hobbyists, but with an understanding of their requirements and a willingness to meet thos needs, anyone can keep Tropheus. If you are interested in keeping a species like Tropheus moorii Chaitika check out the Tropheus Corner where you will find a variety of articles. To discuss any Tropheus species visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.

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