Tropheus duboisi video

A short Tropheus duboisi (Maswa) feeding video. Never realized how fun an algae wafer stuck to the glass can be. Almost as entertaining as a dog chasing a laser pointer.

Tropheus duboisi are often recommended for hobbyist who want to take the Tropheus plunge. It is said that this species isn’t as aggressive as other Tropheus and that they are also a little more hardy. That does not mean that a Tropheus-recommended diet can be ignored. In the wild, Tropheus graze on algae and although the sometimes consume some protein while feeding, they are herbivores. If your are considering Tropheus, take some time to read through the various articles in the Tropheus Corner. You will find a wealth of information about proper care, feeding and tank setups.

Tropheus duboisi

Tropheus duboisi. Photo by Manfred Werner

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