Tropheus duboisi biotope video

A short video by Ugur rusen dogan of an aquarium designed to recreate the rocky Tropheus duboisi habitat in the waters around Kigoma in Lake Tanganyika.

In the wild Tropheus duboisi will spend their days grazing on the algae covered rocks. The rocks also provide territory boundaries and protection. In an aquarium a rocky setup not only gives an aesthetic sense of authenticity, but provides hiding places and territory boundaries for the aggressive nature of Tropheus. While T. duboisi are generally considered more hardy and less aggressive then other Torpheus species, they are still Tropheus. For more information on Tropheus duboisi visit the species article in the library. Tropheus can be discuss in the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.

Tropheus duboisi

Tropheus duboisi. Photo by Manfred Werner. CC by 3.0

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