Tropheops novemfasciatus from Lake Malawi

Tropheops novemfasciatus

Tropheops novemfasciatus. Photo by Ad Konings

Tropheops novemfasciatus is widespread throughout Lake Malawi. It prefers shallow waters in sheltered bays where it feeds mostly on algae. Like other mbuna, T. novemfasciatus males are territorial. Breeding takes place in typical mouth-brooder fashion. Males will attract females into dugout, shallow depressions where the females’ eggs are fertilized.

Although not often found in the aquarium trade, Tropheops novemfasciatus does occasionally appear on stock lists and auctions. Males sport the yellow coloration as seen above while females are usually a dull grey. Because of their aggressive personalities, they are best kept in ratios of one males to multiple females. Similar shaped fish and other Tropheops should not be housed together. The Tropheops genus has undergone some revisions in the last few years. As of now, this species still remains as a Tropheops. To discuss T. novemfasciatus visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.

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