The Vivarium & Aquarium News

Vivarium & Aquarium News

The Vivarium & Aquarium News has just launched their first issue. The Vivarium & Aquarium News is a free online reptile, amphibian and aquarium publication from your friends at Zoo Med. Expect to see great articles including a section called “New on the Market” where you will find the latest news on new fish species.

Gary Bagnall, CEO of The Vivarium & Aquarium News;

We are publishing this new online magazine in cooperation with our friends at Terralog and Aqualog in Germany. This new partnership will give the magazine an “international” flair incorporating articles from some of the most acclaimed reptile and aquarium hobbyists worldwide. Because this will be more of a serious “hobby” publication than “entry level” publication, you will find many of the articles to be very in-depth and written by hobbyists that have actually traveled to the home range of the species they are writing about! There is also a section in each issue showing “new species” (and color morphs) that have recently come available to the marketplace. We hope you enjoy our first issue and please drop us an email with any comments or suggestions you may have.

You can read The Vivarium & Aquarium News online or download an app for your smartphone.
Vivarium & Aquarium News

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