Shell dweller biotope video

An interesting take of a shell dweller tank by Fatih Bolat.

I’ve used rock formation in shell dweller tanks, but only for aesthetics or to divide groups of shellies. The aquarium in the video above presents a different use of hardscaping that is beautiful and helps push the shellies to the front of the tank. This design also gives me ideas on possible uses for the large rock formations. It helps create a second layer where bottom hugging fish that don’t need the sand can make their home without directly competing with the shell dwellers.

The video description doesn’t give any info other than the two species that inhabit the tank; ‘Lamprologus’ ocellatus Gold and ‘Lamprologus’ similis. It would have been great to learn about the rock formation. Is it natural rock? A large piece with smaller rocks surrounding it or is it man-made? Regardless, this setup offers great possibilities. A rock dwelling species like Julidochromis, Neolamprologus or Altolamprologus could be added to inhabit the upper rocky area without the two different types of fish sharing the same ground.

Discussion on the possibilities can be done in the Aquarium Setups forum. Lake Tanganyika species, like the shell dwellers, can be discussed in the Lake Tanganyika forum. Also, the library has a section devoted to shellies called the Shell Dweller Corner.

shell dweller

‘Lamprologus’ ocellatus Gold. Photo by Greg Steeves.

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