Rusty Wessel ACA 2016 Speaker

Rusty Wessel

Rusty Wessel

Continuing with this year’s American Cichlid Association 2016 Convention speakers we’re highlighting Rusty Wessel. Rusty is an author and photographer whose works have appeared on many fish related magazines and other publications. Several of his articles on Central American cichlids can be found in the New World Cichlids library.

Rusty Wessel keeps many species of cichlids from around the world in his large fish house. However, he is best known for his work and collection of Central American cichlids. Rusty even has a discovery named after him, Theraps wesseli. To hear Rusty and many other speakers share their experiences and knowledge make sure to attend this year’s ACA 2016 Convention. For more details on the convention visit the ACA 2016 Convention website.

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