Rhamphochromis esox from Lake Malawi

Rhamphochromis esox

Rhamphochromis esox. Photo by Ad Konings

Rhamphochromis esox is a large, sleek predator found close to shore throughout Lake Malawi. Reaching upwards of 17 inches, R. esox primarily hunts freshwater sardine, but will consume any fish it can fit into its mouth. A maternal mouthbroader with spawns said to be in the hundreds.

Not an easy fish to keep in an aquarium. Rhamphochromis esox is very large and needs space to swim around. Its appetite for other fish make it difficult to keep with anything small enough to eat. Despite the difficulties, some hobbyists have been successful keeping this species. If you have the tank space and are willing to devote it to this out of the ordinary predator, it is certainly a sight to see. To discuss R. esox visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.


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