Pundamilia nyererei “Makobe Island” article

pundamilia nyererei

Pundamilia nyererei “Makobe Island”. Photo by Robert De Leon

A new article has been added to this site’s library. Written by Greg Steeves, the article gives some insight on what it takes to successfully keep, breed and raise Pundamilia nyererei “Makobe Island”. Greg is a frequent contributor to Cichlid-Forum as well as to the hobby as a whole. He has one of the biggest collections of Lake Victoria region cichlids in the nation. Greg often gives presentations at cichlid conventions and other events throughout the country, make sure to catch one of them.

Pundamilia nyererei “Makobe Island” is one of the many variants of P. nyererei found throughout the lake. The different variants, found in different locations, each have their own color patterns. The Makobe Island variants have bright red on their backs with yellows and blacks on the rest of their body. Arguable, P. nyererei “Makobe Island” is one of the most attractive of all the variants. Like other P. nyererei, those found around Makobe Island are extremely aggressive and tankmates need to be chosen wisely. The different variants should never be kept together since crossbreeding will occur. For more information on keeping and breeding Pundamilia nyererei “Makobe Island” check out the new article in the library. Discussion can be done in the Lake Victoria Basin forum.


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