Ptychochromis mainty from Madagascar

Ptychochromis mainty

Ptychochromis mainty from southeastern Madagascar has been described in a recent publication by Magnolia Press. Unfortunately, the article is behind yet another paywall. The first page of the article can be found HERE and some more information about P. mainty can be found on the One species a day blog.

Four specimens were collected from the Fort Dauphin region of southeastern Madagascar and are the basis for the description of Ptychochromis mainty. Most of the species of cichlids from Madagascar are at risk of extinction. Ptychochromis onilahy was once collected in 1962 and has never been seen again. A world-wide search for specimens of Ptychochromis insolitus in 2013 after the last female died in captivity led to finding 18 individuals in wild. Including P. mainty, there are 10 described species of Ptychochromis. Most are under threat due to habitat destruction or other introduced species. Fish from Madagascar can be discussed in the Lake Victoria Basin, West African, Madagascar & Asian Species section of the forum.

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