Ptychochromis insolitus needs mate

Ptychochromis insolitus

Ptychochromis insolitus (London Zoo)

Ptychochromis insolitus, aka Mangarahara cichlid, is thought to be extinct in the wild. Officially described less than 10 years ago, its habitat along the Amboaboa and Mangarahara Rivers has been destroyed. The London Zoo, which has two male specimens, has launched a worldwide appeal for anyone with a female P. insolitus in an effort to save the species. According to the London Zoo, there are only 3 know specimens of this species, all males. The last known female was housed at a zoo in Berlin but died before she was able to spawn. The zoo is hoping that anyone in the hobby who has a female to please contact them at [email protected]

While looking into information for this blog I came across an article on Malawi Cichlid Homepage about spawning the Ptychochromis mangarahara. Unfortunately since P. insolitus was only officially described in 2006, it is difficult to know for sure if these two species are the same fish.

For more information on Ptychochromis insolitus and the appeal for a female, visit BBC News.

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