Platytaeniodus sp. “red tail sheller” video

A short video and species description by Greg Steeves of the Lake Victoria snail eating cichlid Platytaeniodus sp. “red tail sheller”.

Originally found throughout Lake Victoria, Platytaeniodus sp. “red tail sheller” is one of the many species that has suffered from the introduction of the Nile perch. Despite the pressure of the invasive species, P. sp. “red tail sheller” has survived in certain areas. In the wild P. sp. “red tail sheller” feeds on small mollusks found in the sand and crushes them with its powerful jaws.

Platytaeniodus sp. “red tail sheller” can occasionally be found in local fish shops or online. Often going by “blue neon”, the name accurately describes its coloration. When on display, males will have a bright blue body and red tail. Female colors are more subdued. For more information check out the Species Article by Greg Steeves or visit the Lake Victoria Species forum for discussion.

Platytaeniodus sp

Platytaeniodus sp. “red tail sheller”. Photo by Dave Hansen


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