Platytaeniodus degeni from Lake Victoria

Platytaeniodus degeni

Platytaeniodus degeni. Photo be Greg Steeves

Platytaeniodus degeni, aka Haplochromis degeni, was originally collected in Lake Victoria. This species was thought extinct in the wild but some specimens were found about 10 years ago. This species is also alive and well in captivity at zoos and in some hobbyist’s tanks.

In the wild Platytaeniodus degeni is a snail eating cichlid found over sandy bottoms. In an aquarium the usual Lake Victoria cichlid precautions should be taken. Similarly colored fish or fish from the same genus should be avoided to prevent hybridization. Best kept in groups of a single male to multiple females. Although it appears P. degeni has made a comeback in Lake Victoria, the species is still under threat from the Nile Perch and hybridization due to cloudy waters. To discuss this species visit the Lake Victoria Basin forum.


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