Petrotilapia nigra from Lake Malawi

Petrotilapia nigra

Petrotilapia nigra from Lake Malawi. Photo by Ad Konings

Rarely seen in the hobby, Petrotilapia nigra is a cichlid that has only been found in four isolated locations of southern Lake Malawi. The genus Petrotilapia is known for including some of the largest mbuna. Some species in the genus reaching upwards of 7 inches. P. nigra usually reach about 5 inches, which is a respectable size for an mbuna. The species feeds on algae and small organism found on rocks in both shallow and deeper waters.

Since Petrotilapia nigra hasn’t been seen much in the hobby, accurate on how to care for them is limited. It is safe to assume that like other mbuna P. nigra is territorial. Best kept in groups of one male to multiple females. A diet high in plant matter like Spirulina is best. To discuss this species visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.


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