Paretroplus menarambo spawn video

Terrific video with a dramatic score of a pair of Paretroplus menarambo spawning. The video goes into great detail showing the actual egg laying and eventually the free swimming fry. Make sure to watch it all. You won’t be disappointed.

Paretroplus menarambo is an endangered cichlid from the flood plain lakes of the Bemarivo River of northern Madagascar. At one time this species was considered extinct in the wild. Recently a surviving group was found in a single lake of the flood plain. P. menarombo is still considered critically endangered due habitat destruction, invasive non-native species and over-fishing. Fortunately captive breeding groups exist in Europe and North America.

A special thanks goes out to Dave from Dave’s Rare Aquarium Fish for allowing me to take many pictures of fish in his shop, including the one below. If this rare and unusual cichlid is something you would like to have and breed, make sure you read the article on Malawi Cichlid Homepage.

Paretroplus menarambo

Paretroplus menarambo

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