Paretroplus menarambo spawn video

A great video showing a pair of Paretroplus menarambo spawning. This video was taken by one of our very own moderators.

Paretroplus menarambo is a species from Madagascar. This species was considered extinct in the wild with specimens only existing in zoos and hobbyists’ tanks. While the species is no longer found in its original home, Lake Sarodrano, a population has been located in the small Lake Tseny. Conservation efforts are underway to ensure that P. menarambo along with a couple other endangered species of Paretroplus are kept safe from habitat destruction and fishing in Lake Tseny.

The video above shows a rare glimpse of a pair of P. menarambo spawning. While spawns appear to be large in offspring, this species isn’t very popular in the hobby and specimens are hard to come by for those looking to keep them. Sometimes they are available on stock lists or through other hobbyists. Discussion on Paretroplus can be done in the Lake Victoria Basin, West African, Madagascar & Asian Species forum.

Paretroplus menarambo

Paretroplus menarambo. Photo by Robert De Leon at Dave’s Rare Aquarium Fish.

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