Paretroplus kieneri from Madagascar

Paretroplus kieneri

Paretroplus kieneri. Photo by Dave Hansen

This uniquely colored cichlid can be found in the rivers and lakes of western Madagascar. Like many species from Madagascar, Paretroplus kieneri has not broken into the mainstream of the cichlid hobby where east African and New World species dominate. Along with being an out of the ordinary species comes the usual lack of information. We are fortunate to have an article by Sonia Guinane detailing her experiences with P. kieneri.

Paretroplus kieneri is endangered in its native waters, mostly due to the introduction of non-native invasive species and habitat destruction. Finding a tank to house this species can go a long way in insuring their survival. It wasn’t too long ago the world was looking for another Madagascar cichlid, Ptychochromis insolitus.

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