Paraneetroplus synspilus from Central America

Paraneetroplus synspilus

Paraneetroplus synspilus. Photo by George Chernilevsky

Paraneetroplus synspilus can be found in the Usumacinta River system of Southern Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. This fish can be found under several names, both scientific and common. They include Vieja and Cichlasoma synspila, redhead cichlid and quetzel cichlid.

In the aquarium Paraneetroplus synspilus can reach sizes in excess 12 inches. Males and females look similar, but males are usually larger. Large, mature males will develop a hump on their head. P. synspilus is a rather peaceful species but like many other fish, breeding brings out aggressive/territorial behavior. They can be kept with a variety of other large New World species. Breeding takes place on a flat rock and spawns result in hundreds of eggs. To discuss Paraneetroplus synspilus visit the Central American Cichlids forum.

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