Ocean Swipe 360 makes cleaning a breeze

ocean swipe 360

A new product in development promises to make the tedious process of aquarium glass cleaning a thing of the past. Billed as the first automated aquarium cleaner, the Ocean Swipe 360 can clean all 4 sides of your aquarium. It can even go around the corners and avoid obstacles.

While it will probably be expensive to have one of these on all your tanks, the benefits for anyone with a large, hard to clean aquarium are obvious. Especially for aquariums there reaching the sides or back are difficult or aquariums with large, cumbersome hoods. The system works with a rechargeable battery and can clean a 300 gallon aquarium in about 12 minutes. Plastic traces at the top and bottom of an aquarium enable the Ocean Swipe 360 to move around corners. You can get more information and view videos of the product on OceanSwipe360.com.

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