OB Peacocks in the hobby

ob peacocks

OB Peacock. Photo by Dave Hansen

OB Peacocks have been in the hobby for some time. Their orange-blotched pattern and peacock-like displays make them an attractive fish. However, despite their body shape and common association with Aulonocara species from Lake Malawi, these fish are not native to the lake. OB Peacocks are a crossbred species. The original species used to create OBs is unknown, but at least one species of Aulonocara and probably an OB Lake Malawi mbuna are in the mix.

The article titled OB Peacocks by Brett Harrington goes into more detail on these fish. Including their possible origin, care and breeding. For more information on a variety of Aulonocara species check out the Peacock Corner library section. To discuss these fish visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.

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