Neolamprologus pulcher in another social study

Neolamprologus pulcher

Neolamprologus pulcher. Photo courtesy of Dave’s Fish.

Neolamprologus pulcher is at the center of another study. This study involves social interactions and the effects they has on brain develop. N. pulcher is a cooperative breeding cichlid where a pair will raise its offspring with the help of other younger adults, usually in large groups. Fish raised in large groups developed better social skills than fish raised in small groups. Not only were the offspring from larger groups better socially, but their brain structure was also different from those of smaller groups. Several conclusions were drawn from the study, including that the safety of larger groups allowed Neolamprologus pulcher to develop better social skills and that these social skills would have benefits later in life.

Unfortunately the study is behind a pay wall. A quick summary of the study can be found on the PHSY.ORG website.

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