Neolamprologus cylindricus from Lake Tanganyika

neolamprologus cylindricus

Neolamprologus cylindricus. Photo by Ad Konings

Neolamprologus cylindricus is a rock-dwelling predator found in Lake Tanganyika feeding mostly on small fish and crustaceans. N. cylindricus gets its name from the streamlined, cylinder shape of its body. Its shape resembles that of a closely related species, Neolamprologus leleupi.

In the aquarium Neolamprologus cylindricus can be problematic if its aggressiveness isn’t managed. N. cylindricus is a solitary fish and does not tolerate other N. cylindricus unless it is its breeding partner. Extra males and even females will be harassed to death by the dominant male. When a pair is spawning, other species of fish will be introduced to N. cylindricus sharp teeth. Despite its aggression, N. cylindricus can be successfully kept with other species. In community tanks, separate rock territories need to be provided so a pair of N. cylindricus can defend it while allowing other species the rest of the tank. Suitable species need to be tough and with the same dietary requirements. Similarly shaped Neolamprologus should be avoided. For more information on Neolamprologus cylindricus visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum or read up on the short article by Marc Elieson in the library.

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