Mysterious fish nest

We’ve seen Cyathopharynx furcifer nests, but this mysterious fish nest had scientist baffled.

Mysterious Fish Nest

Underwater crop circles. World Mysteries and Bristol University

Discovered by Yoji Ookata off the coast of Japan, this 6-foot wide mysterious fish nest caused quite a stir. Not only was the pattern intricate and radially-symmetrical, but scientist had no idea what created it. It took some time before Yoji Ookata finally discovered the perpetrator and was able to photograph it in action. Turns out male puffer fish create these nests in hopes of attracting a mate. The nest, with its many peaks and valleys, will also serve to protect an egg clutch from ocean currents.

This video contains more images of the puffer fish and its nest:

In addition to puffer fish and C. furcifer, other fish also create intricate nests. For more examples of these nest and others, visit the WebEcoist article.

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