Mosquito nets threaten fragile Lake Victoria

mosquito nets

Fishing with a mosquito net. Photo by Uriel Sinai for the New York Times.

Mosquito nets have helped to reduce the number of malaria infections and deaths around the world. Unfortunately, misuse of these same nets is threatening fish populations in Lake Victoria. These nets, intended to stop mosquitoes, are catching young fish and even eggs. On top of that, many of these nets are coated with a pesticide which seeps into the water when used for fishing.

The use of mosquito nets for fishing is being blamed as a contributor to the declining commercial fish populations in the lake. Cichlids are also undoubtedly paying the price for this as well. As seen in the picture above, the nets are being used along the sores in swampy areas. These same areas are where many of the remaining cichlid species of Lake Victoria have taken refuge. For more information on the misuse of mosquito nets and the impact on the region, check out the New York Times article.

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