Mikrogeophagus altispinosus articles

Mikrogeophagus altispinosus

Mikrogeophagus altispinosus. Photo by Edward D. Burress

A popular dwarf cichlid, Mikrogeophagus altispinosus can be found in various rivers of Brazil and Bolivia. Commonly known as Bolivian rams, they are colorful and a joy to watch. Reaching a little over 2 inches when fully grown, M. altispinosus can easily be housed in tanks as small as 20 gallons. Except when breeding, rams are very peaceful and get along well with other tankmates. Due to water condition requirements it is best to keep them with other South American cichlids. For anyone thinking of getting into Mikrogeophagus altispinosus or those looking for tips on breeding them make sure to check out the two different articles by Kaycy Ruffer and Edward D. Burress. To discuss M. altispinosus visit the South American Cichlids forum.

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