Metriaclima sp. “lime nkhomo” from Lake Malawi

Metriaclima sp

Metriaclima sp. “lime nkhomo”. Photo by Dave Hansen

Not often seen on price lists or local shops, Metriaclima sp. “lime nkhomo” is a uniquely colored mbuna from Lake Malawi. M. sp. “lime nkhomo” made their debut into the hobby about 15 years ago. Often named Pseudotropheus sp. “lime nkhomo”, but without an official description, it is likely that this species may go other names.

Care and behavior of Metriaclima sp. “lime nkhomo” is similar to most other mbuna. They aren’t picky eaters so care must be taken that they receive plenty of plant matter in their diet. Despite their small size, they can be aggressive and won’t shy away from conflict with larger fish. Males have a yellow around the face and fins with a blueish hue on the body. Females lack the brighter color or the males. To discuss this species and other mbuna visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.

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