Mchenga conophoros from Lake Malawi

Mchenga conophoros

Mchenga conophoros. Photo by Dave Hansen

Mchenga conophoros is another of the bower-building species of Lake Malawi. Males create bowers in order to attract females. Each species builds the same type of bowers, but the variation between species is considerable. In the case of M. conophorus, bowers are build in the shape of a cone on the sandy bottom at a depth of around 10 to 20 feet. M. conophorus feeds primarily on zooplankton found in open water.

In the aquarium Mchenga conophoros can be difficult to keep. When mature they require plenty of room, especially if you expect to see bower-building. Males can also be very intolerant of other males. Groups of a single males and multiple females are best. A protein based diet is best. To discuss M. conophorus and other bower-building cichlids visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.

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