Mbipia sp. “porthole” from the Yala Swamp

Mbipia sp

Mbipia sp. “porthole”. Photo by Greg Steeves

Originally collected from Yala Swamp on the northeast shores of Lake Victoria, Mbipia sp. “porthole” made its appearance in the hobby over 10 years ago. References to this Mbipia species variant go back even further. It gained some popularity among Lake Victoria species enthusiasts, but was never widely embraced. Unfortunately, M. sp. “porthole” seems to have disappeared entirely from the hobby. There hasn’t been any mention of the species for many years and even the biggest Lake Victoria enthusiasts haven’t kept them for some time. With the conditions in Yala Swamp, it is possible that M. sp. “porthole” is lost in the wild as well.

Mbipia sp. “porthole” is very similar to Mbipia lutea, but lacks M. lutea’s barring. M. sp. “porthole” is like other Lake Victoria species. They are hardy, aggressive fish that breed often. Best kept in groups of one male to multiple females. To discuss this possibly lost species visit the Lake Victoria species forum.


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