Low Boy aquarium from Zoo Med

low boy aquarium

An unusual aquarium design by Zoo Med may open up new possibilities for breeders or those looking to maximize their tank’s footprint. At only 10 inches tall, Zoo Med’s Low Boy Aquarium is billed as a breeder tank (50 gallons – 48″ x 24″ x 10″). Its low height will make it easy to stack multiple tanks and the large footprint will work well for larger fish that need space.

The Low Boy aquarium’s large footprint relative to its height works well for several cichlid species. Lake Tanganyika shelldweller and rockdweller species instantly come to mind. Many species hug the ground and don’t need to dwell more than a few inches off of the ground. It would be great if new models of the tank would be produced, especially something that isn’t so deep front to back. Maybe a 48x12x10 size? For more information on the Low Boy visit the Zoo Med website.

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