Lepidiolamprologus elongatus from Lake Tanganyika

Lepidiolamprologus elongatus

Lepidiolamprologus elongatus. Photo by Ad Konings

A true predator from Lake Tanganyika, Lepidiolamprologus elongatus can be found throughout the lake along rocky shores hunting for prey. L. elongatus is sleek, fast and powerful. Reaching over 13 inches in length, this species can chase down and eat anything it can fit into its mouth. Aggressive and territorial, L. elongatus is usually seen alone unless it is with its mate. This substrate spawner can lay hundreds of eggs at a time.

Although found in the aquarium trade, Lepidiolamprologus elongatus isn’t a popular fish for several reasons. Its large size along with its aggressive and territorial nature means they don’t play well with others. Not only is L. elongatus aggressive toward its own species, but they doesn’t tolerate other species very well either. Even spawning partners can be the focus of aggression. Best kept in large tanks with rocks for cover. A group of juveniles is the best way to develop a pair. Extras should be removed promptly. To discuss Lepidiolamprologus elongatus visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.


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